Zoey Grace Summerall at 6.5 months

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Miss Zoey Grace, 6.5 months old… she’s determined, has a contagious smile, and she’s the worst sleeper ever!

Zoey Grace  Summerall
It was amazing to watch Zoey go from barely being able to push herself up, to watching her practically do push ups. Isn’t it crazy how quickly babies develop?

Zoey Grace Summerall IMG_20140929_145244
Zoey likes to randomly stick her left leg out like she is striking a pose…




Those eyes, they are just beautiful!


At her 6.5 month check up (yes, we were late) she was 17 pounds 7 oz (66.78 percentile) and 26.25 inches tall (54.45 percentile).

It is incredible how Zoey and her brother Wesley come from the same parents but are SO different



Wesley was an amazing sleeper. He slept through the night, in his crib, by 2 months old. Zoey still wakes up 3 times a night and has never slept in her crib at night… in fact she just started taking naps in her crib…. and even that is a challenge.


Wesley was extremely independent and would always tuck his head if he fell over. Zoey is determined- you can see it in her eyes when she is trying to accomplish something. She, unfortunately does not tuck her head. But, when her head hits the ground, she gets right back up and tries again. Zoey loves attention, to be held, to be looked at, and she must be touching someone pretty much all the time….even if it’s just with her little toe.


Wesley loved to eat, and he was a chunky monkey. By the time he was 6 months old, he weighed 26 pounds. He did not gain a single pound until he turned two. It was fabulous because we didn’t have to buy him new clothes. He also had tons of ear infections during his first year of life. Zoey has not had any yet, and hopefully it stays that way.

A comparison of Zoey and Wesley at 6.5 months…

While they are different in so many ways, they are both amazing, unique, and a beautiful reflection of Wes and I. They both have captured our hearts in a way we never could have imagined. They both have beautiful eyes, awesome laughs, and silly quarks.

And, here they are together… how we created something so amazing…twice…. will always astonish me.





Cheers to you – Lucky Mom!

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