Success is full of S’s!

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When we do our in-home wine tastings, right before we cover the 4 S’s of wine, I always ask the crowd to give me some words related to wine that start with the letter “S”. It is always fun to hear what people come up with. So, today I will shift gears and talk about some “S” words related to success.


Start believing in yourself. Start writing down your goals (both personal and professional) and find someone to help hold you accountable to them. Start taking your business seriously and others will too. Start thinking how your small actions today will compound over time. Start thinking long term. Start spending time with people who believe in you. Start being proud of not only the little, but also the big accomplishments. Start taking responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your life.


Stop reinventing the wheel. Stop spending time with dream crushers. Stop wasting your energy on complaining, blaming, or pointing fingers. Stop trying to convince people – there are too many other people waiting for what you have to offer. Stop beating yourself up – would you talk to anyone else the way you talk to yourself? Stop wanting everything instantly – some of the most rewarding experiences come from the journey, not the end result.


Find people who support you in whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Support others in whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Reach out for support – people cannot read your mind and don’t know when you need help.


Whether slow and steady or speedy and steady, stay steady and be consistent.


Give sincere compliments, apologies, and answers. False apologies, fake compliments, and made up answers are a quick way to lose someone’s trust.


Share your wealth, your smile, and your positive attitude. Share what you have learned, where you have struggled, and how you overcame it.


Success starts with you. Work on your self-confidence, your self-development, your self-awareness. Become self-disciplined and self-sufficient. Learn to practice self-compassion.


No matter where you are in your journey, there is always a reason to smile. Your smile can change someone’s entire day. Your smile can change YOUR entire day.



Choose two of the above “S” words that you can focus on improving to increase you success. Write out your plan and take action!


Cheers to you – Super Mom!

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