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Razors – AMAZING razors, for cheap!

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Why did I not find these razors sooner???


If you’ve followed this blog, you know Wes and I have been doing a War on Debt program (with great success…check out our 1 year recap). I vowed to share my budget saving findings with all of you and I am thrilled about this one.

I hate couponing – but I am working on getting better at it. I also hate buying razors. In my quest to reduce cost, and avoid couponing, I started buying the cheapo bags of razors that cut up your legs and miss half the hairs. As a result, I hated shaving, my legs were cut up, and small patches of hair become uncomfortably noticeable in the sunlight…when it was too late to fix it (dang shower lighting). So, what do I do to save a buck…. go French style, of course. Okay, not really but I’d let it go as much as possible to avoid the horror of using that plastic monster. After all, it is a WAR… stray patches of hair, cuts, and all….

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Debt, and Our 1 Year War to Kill It

War on Debt

Last year, in September, Wes and I started a program called the War on Debt. I wrote a blog and shared where we were starting out at, which included a summary of all of our debt. I shared some of the changes we were making and how we were trimming our “fat”. While we made a lot of changes (no cable, cutting services, couponing, etc), I felt like we were stagnant….making no progress, living paycheck to paycheck, and fighting hard to make ourselves opt out of fun events because of the cost. I was feeling burdened, so I decided to revisit the program and see what, if any, progress we had made over the past year.

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