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Success is full of S’s!

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When we do our in-home wine tastings, right before we cover the 4 S’s of wine, I always ask the crowd to give me some words related to wine that start with the letter “S”. It is always fun to hear what people come up with. So, today I will shift gears and talk about some “S” words related to success.


Start believing in yourself. Start writing down your goals (both personal and professional) and find someone to help hold you accountable to them. Start taking your business seriously and others will too. Start thinking how your small actions today will compound over time. Start thinking long term. Start spending time with people who believe in you. Start being proud of not only the little, but also the big accomplishments. Start taking responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your life.

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Integrity, You’re So Vain



Why the title “Integrity, You’re So Vain”? It’s because we are naturally self centered people who tend to think about ourselves more than others and it often results in a total loss of integrity. Read on….

Earlier this week, a white mystery car hit my car door and left a scrape that goes down to the metal. This person left no note, I’m guessing made no effort to let me know what had happened, and left me to pay for the damages. Integrity out the window…

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Thoughts: I am (not)



Your words are powerful. They are a reflection of your thoughts and they shape your reality.

What are you daily training your brain to believe? Are you speaking or thinking defeating statements like “I am just not good at this business”,  “I am too busy for ________”, “I am never going to be successful”, “I am not cut out for this”, “I am never going to be able to do that”?

Or are your thoughts and words setting you up for success? “I am building my business with consistent actions everyday”, “I am successful and will become more successful”, “I am a leader”, “I am proud of my accomplishments”, “I am capable of building the life I want”.

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