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A letter to my 2015 self….

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Right now you should be doing homework, or sleeping…. But, instead you decided to put some goals down on virtual paper. Of course, you want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better… all the standards. That stuff is important to you. But, you know you’ve got some deeper issues to address. In 2015 you turn 30. You wanted to have another baby, become a millionaire, and have your Doctoral degree by the time you turned 30. It really was the end all, be all age where you felt like you had to accomplish everything… and you still totally stress about turning 30 even though it’s 6 months away. You had your baby, you aren’t even close to being a millionaire, and you have diligently been working towards your Doctoral degree. However, now you (and Wes….WOW, I know) want two more babies, you aren’t so much concerned with millionaire status, and you have some things you really need to work on. So, in 2015 lets focus on the following:

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Zoey Grace Summerall at 6.5 months

Zoey Grace  Summerall

Miss Zoey Grace, 6.5 months old… she’s determined, has a contagious smile, and she’s the worst sleeper ever!

It was amazing to watch Zoey go from barely being able to push herself up, to watching her practically do push ups. Isn’t it crazy¬†how quickly babies develop?

Zoey likes to randomly stick her left leg out like she is striking a pose…

Those eyes, they are just beautiful!

At her 6.5 month check up (yes, we were late) she was 17 pounds 7 oz (66.78 percentile) and 26.25 inches tall (54.45 percentile).

It is incredible how Zoey and her brother Wesley come from the same parents but are SO different


Wesley was an amazing sleeper. He slept through the night, in his crib, by 2 months old. Zoey still wakes up 3 times a night and has never slept in her crib at night… in fact she just started taking naps in her crib…. and even that is a challenge.

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