Razors – AMAZING razors, for cheap!

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Why did I not find these razors sooner???



If you’ve followed this blog, you know Wes and I have been doing a War on Debt program (with great success…check out our 1 year recap). I vowed to share my budget saving findings with all of you and I am thrilled about this one.

I hate couponing – but I am working on getting better at it. I also hate buying razors. In my quest to reduce cost, and avoid couponing, I started buying the cheapo bags of razors that cut up your legs and miss half the hairs. As a result, I hated shaving, my legs were cut up, and small patches of hair become uncomfortably noticeable in the sunlight…when it was too late to fix it (dang shower lighting). So, what do I do to save a buck…. go French style, of course. Okay, not really but I’d let it go as much as possible to avoid the horror of using that plastic monster. After all, it is a WAR… stray patches of hair, cuts, and all….

Wes and I are in a War on Debt group on Facebook and we share ideas to save money. Someone had posted about the Dollar Shave Club. I was intrigued and decided to check it out. They have incredible marketing, I have to give them that. However, they only have men’s shavers and the $1 is deceiving because if you actually choose the $1 option, you pay shipping and handling. If you choose the other two, more expensive (but still a great deal) options, you don’t pay shipping. You sign up for whatever razor you want, and they bill you and send you 4 new razors every month. No going to the store, and you are sure to have a brand new razor every week.

I thought it was awesome and I didn’t really care that they were men’s razors because, lets face it,  pretty much anything would be better than what I was using.

Right before I was about to sign up, I did a quick search and somehow stumbled upon these Dorco razors. They had mens and womens razors, they were cheap, AND they had awesome reviews.

I did the math….


If you do the dollar shave club for 6 months you will get 1 handle and 24 blades (4 blades x 6 months). Let’s say you choose their best razor, which is $9, you’ll pay $54 total in 6 months.

With Dorco, if you purchase 1 handle and 26 blades (that’s two more than the $1 shave club) of their best, and most expensive, women’s razor, you’ll pay $40.15  total- and shipping is free when you spend $25 or more.

That’s a $14 difference, AND you get two more blades, AND they have both women’s and men’s blades.


I was so excited, so I ordered one  6 blade razor in each style for Wes and I to try. I have only used the LSXA1000: Soft Touch™ 6 Blade System for Women so far, but I’m in love. It’s amazing, and the price is the icing on the cake. Wes tried his out and he loves them as well.

Save yourself some money and head over to Dorco to get your razors from now on. You’ll thank me, trust me!


Money Saving Razors

Cheers to you – Frugal Mom!

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