Integrity, You’re So Vain

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Why the title “Integrity, You’re So Vain”? It’s because we are naturally self centered people who tend to think about ourselves more than others and it often results in a total loss of integrity. Read on….

Earlier this week, a white mystery car hit my car door and left a scrape that goes down to the metal. This person left no note, I’m guessing made no effort to let me know what had happened, and left me to pay for the damages. Integrity out the window…

There could have been many reasons this person didn’t notify me. Maybe they are struggling and don’t have the money to pay for the damages. Maybe they were in a rush and didn’t want to deal with it. Maybe they were embarrassed it happened. Whatever the reason may be, clearly they were more concerned about what was easiest for them and not the affect their actions had on my family and I.

One of the biggest issues I see in people compromising their integrity is the lack of understanding and a lack of concern for how their actions will affect others.

“Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another.” 
― J.E.B. Spredemann, An Unforgivable Secret

One of the benefits of owning your own business is the growth you have to go through to thrive. Being a business owner has taught me how important it is to be respectful of others and to consider how the decisions I make will affect others. We live in a world that is very self involved and it is natural for us to only consider how our actions affect us. Since I’ve been in business I have made a conscious effort to be very cognizant of how my actions will affect others. To respond, not ignore. To give notice when ever possible. To communicate what I want, and not be passive. To say no thank you when I am not interested. To stay true to my commitments, but if I can’t, to be apologetic and try to make it right. To build others up and not tear them down. To spread the word when I appreciate what a business or someone has done for me. To conduct myself with integrity, in everything I do. This is the result of the many times I have been burned by people who probably didn’t realize how their choices affected me, my family or my business. This is another example of how we must go through difficult times and disappointment in order to grow and become better people.

Challenge: Be impeccable with your words. Stay true to your commitments. Follow through. Be clear and concise – state your intentions, not what you think the other person wants to hear. Be respectful. Seek to understand how your actions affect others. Evaluate your integrity in challenging situations.

Watch the difference it will make in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Cheers to you – Super Mom!

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