Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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Two months ago, I decided the thought of trying to change all my bad habits at once was overwhelming and unrealistic. I wanted to do something I would stick to and something that would last long term. My solution was to create one or two new healthy lifestyle changes per month, and of course, blog about it. You can read about my first month of not hitting the snooze button and sanitizing my toothbrush everyday, here: Healthy Habits: September- Snooze Button.

A little update on Septembers healthy lifestyle changes… I was successful in keeping both lifestyle changes going for the entire month of October. I did hit my snooze button once in a state of pure exhaustion. When I realized I did it, I jumped out of bed thinking there was NO way I was going to let that habit start creeping back in. I also forgot to sanitize my toothbrush once. Again, I’m certain that was a result of pure exhaustion and being up so early my brain wasn’t functioning. Yay for two months of new healthy lifestyle changes!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really prepared for October and didn’t plan ahead on what healthy lifestyle changes I wanted to make. So, I didn’t do the entire month for both changes. One of the changes was switching my work day to start at 6:00 am instead of 6:30 am. The other change, which I only started half way through the month, was to not drink coffee on the week days. Coffee lovers will understand why it took me a half a month to even attempt this.

I am lucky that I have flexibility in regards to what time I want to start work. Since I’ve been with the FAA I’ve always started at 6:30 am because of Wesley’s daycare. I have wanted to change my schedule for a while since I am an early riser and it would give me an extra half an hour to fit more in after work. Coaching Girls on the Run requires me to be at practice by 3:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With a 6:30 am schedule, I was always stressed trying to make it on time.

So, I made the switch. My wake up time went from 5:00 am to 4:30 am. The first week was a little rough and took some adjusting. My mind had to adjust to the fact that 4:30 am sounds WAY earlier than 5:00 am, but it’s really not! However, this turned out to be a very positive lifestyle change for me. I now have plenty of time to fill the girls water bottles after work, change, drive the speed limit to practice, and be there to greet the girls in a non-rushed frame of mind. Even though it’s only a thirty minute difference, I feel like I have so much more time to fit in time with my kids, dinner, school work, and whatever else comes up. I love this change!

Waking up 30 minutes earlier AND cutting coffee on the weekdays was a brave move for me!

I decided to give up coffee on the weekdays for several reasons. First, I can’t drink coffee black. I’ve tried before and was only successful for a short amount of time. I dislike black coffee so much that I’d rather just not drink it. The creamer I have to add in order to enjoy it is just extra calories that weren’t helping me lose the baby weight any faster. I wanted something healthier that felt like I was actually doing something good for my body. The last reason, was because the cost of coffee and creamer adds up fast and I’d rather save the money so our 2015 recap on our War on Debt journey is as good as this years was. Read about that one here: Debt, and our 1 year war to kill it. 

I first had to determine why I was so attached to my morning coffee. I identified two main reasons. One reason was because I like having something warm and soothing while I start my work day. The second reason is because I am a mom to a 7 month old, teething, little girl who wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night…..and I wake up at 4:30am for work. Needless to say, a little caffeine does wonders to boost my morning.

I found a healthy lifestyle change I wanted to make, identified the reasons why I wanted to make it, determined what would make the change difficult, and found solutions so I would be successful.

I decided to switch to green tea in the mornings. It is a much healthier option, it has caffeine, it’s warm and I don’t need creamer to enjoy it. However, I still like a little sweetness which is why I searched for different kinds of sweeteners and ended up with this awesome gem! It’s Skinnygirl Stevia Extract with vanilla. This is by far my most favorite sweetener find yet. The vanilla adds such a great touch and makes my healthy lifestyle change much easier!

This month was a success! My healthy lifestyle changes reduced my stress, and allowed me to fit more into my day. It could be coincidence but, I also reached my pre baby weight this month (buh bye creamer)!

Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Feeling great wearing my pre preggo jeans at our Girls on the Run coaches meeting!


I actually planned Novembers healthy lifestyle changes and have started them. Stay tuned to find out what they are!


Cheers to you, Healthy Mom!

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