Debt War: 20 Healthy Costco Meals

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For the past year, Wes and I have been in a War on Debt program. Since Zoey was born, I’ve been in a war to get my cholesterol lower (it’s mostly genetic but I want to do everything I can to stay as healthy as possible)! We have done really well (at both), considering our circumstances. We want to share what’s worked for us so others can have similar success! Check out some of our post regarding the War on Debt program- the debt we started with, the debt we have now, and cost cutting solutions we have found in the process.

My good friend Tonya recently told me about an awesome website called 5 Dollar Dinners. Erin Chase, the $5 dinner mom, has created a wonderful platform and resource for people who want to cut cost and eat healthy at the same time. She does a lot on her website so you’ll have to check it out. Wes and I chose to do her 20 Gluten Free Slow Cooker Freezer Packs from Costco for $150.00.  We loved the fact dinner would be easy to pull out and throw into the crock pot, it is healthy, and it saves us a lot of money….a healthy option, less debt! Oh, and no more arguing over what’s for dinner which is a win-win for everyone. We paid $5 to get the plan which includes a Costco shopping list, recipes, step by step assembly instructions, video tutorials, and cooking instructions.

Super excited to try out this plan, we asked our friend Chrissy to watch our kids and we made it a date day. It went something like this…

We went and test drove a Kia (completely kid free) since my lease will be up soon and we are looking at options for whats next. We might have been sold on an Audi instead, we’ll see. ***Keeping our War on Debt in mind, keeping our War on Debt in mind….repeat, repeat, repeat….****

Then we went to eat at Red Robin (I used my royalty rewards card). Walking in the restaurant, Wes said, “It’s going to be amazing to have our food come out and actually be able to eat it. Wesley won’t have to go to the bathroom as soon as it comes out and Zoey won’t all of the sudden need to be fed”.

Can you tell it’s been a while since him and I went on a date…. we need to work on that one.

Next stop, Costco. We got there at 5:40 pm, 20 minutes before they close. This actually ended up being beneficial because I only had time to get exactly what was on the list. Costco is one of those places that are really hard to walk out of with only the items that were on your list. Have you seen their costume selection? I will NEVER bring my Hulk Smash, Fire Boy, Spider Man, Super Hero loving boy, to Costco! We quickly got everything we needed and proceeded to checkout.

The (younger) girl asked how our day was going. Wes said “Oh good, we got a babysitter for the kids so we could go on a date. We test drove a car, ate a burger, and got our grocery shopping done. Now we just need to drop off the groceries and go pick them up”. The girl gave him the “wow your old” look. We later laughed while discussing the progression of our relationship since we started dating to where it is now.

One thing is certain, we wouldn’t change a thing.


The total came out to $200.37 but we did buy formula which was $17.99 and Ziploc freezer bags (for storing the food) which was $12.59. I should add that I could do about 100 meals with the freezer bags so it won’t be a cost factor every time. That brings our actual total to $169.79. Counting the left overs we had after prepping everything, I’d say we were pretty close to the $150 mark.

That is about $7.50 per meal… that feeds 4 people… so about $1.87 per meal per person.


Debt- Costco Receipt

Thank goodness there was two of us to prepare this!

This project took about 3.5 hours with both of us preparing items (with a couple interruptions from Miss Zoey). We realized we definitely need to get some better kitchen items (which would make the process much faster).  But despite the kitchen items we may lack, what happened in those 3.5 hours was pretty priceless.

It’s beyond debt control, food, having quick healthy meals, or saving money…

It was the teamwork, the combined decision to save money and feed our family healthy food. It was the conversation about teaching our kids how to not live a “convenience” driven life…. to work for what they have and appreciate it. It was the bonding and time together. I was thankful my husband was on board and as excited as I was. I know that many people struggle with getting their spouse on board to live a healthier life or to reduce their debt. I treasured this time…really. It meant a lot to me. Wes and I actually laughed about how women and men “treasure” certain events or circumstances differently. Put on some country music, make me a cocktail, and prepare food with me, and I am one happy wife! Talk boxing, eat a steak and potato meal and move to the bedroom, and I have one happy husband. But, that’s a different blog…

Here are some photo’s of the food we purchased and the prep process…


WP_20140929_11_21_08_Pro WP_20140929_11_21_00_Pro WP_20140929_09_41_48_Pro WP_20140929_09_41_37_Pro WP_20140929_09_41_28_Pro WP_20140929_09_41_19_Pro WP_20140929_09_41_12_Pro WP_20140929_09_41_01_Pro


We worked as a team and prepped all 20 meals. Then came the challenge- fitting it all in the freezer. We took out the ice bucket, and removed a couple other non food items, and made it work…. barely! Check this out… 20 heart healthy, easy, yummy, hulk smash your debt meals (feeds 4 people each meal)… for $169.00….plus left overs for the next batch!

Debt Smasher 20 mealsleft overs from debt reducing meals!

We had our first meal yesterday. Wes and Wesley both enjoyed the meal and appreciated it (this is amazing!). Wes said “It’s so much better when you prepare all the ingredients….you appreciate it so much more”. True statement babe!


Cheers to you – Healthy, Frugal Mom!

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  1. Great post. That is amazing! I have two refrigerators with freezers and still have trouble fitting two weeks worth of food! I wish you had continued your post and explained what meals you made. Oh, and why all the open cans?

    1. Thanks for looking Susan! I could have shared the meals, but I wanted everyone to check out the website I got it from. I make no money off of it but I really admire what the woman has done with her site and how tasty her meals are. The open cans were used in the meals :-)

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