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Debt, and Our 1 Year War to Kill It

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War on Debt

Last year, in September, Wes and I started a program called the War on Debt. I wrote a blog and shared where we were starting out at, which included a summary of all of our debt. I shared some of the changes we were making and how we were trimming our “fat”. While we made a lot of changes (no cable, cutting services, couponing, etc), I felt like we were stagnant….making no progress, living paycheck to paycheck, and fighting hard to make ourselves opt out of fun events because of the cost. I was feeling burdened, so I decided to revisit the program and see what, if any, progress we had made over the past year.

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Success is full of S’s!


When we do our in-home wine tastings, right before we cover the 4 S’s of wine, I always ask the crowd to give me some words related to wine that start with the letter “S”. It is always fun to hear what people come up with. So, today I will shift gears and talk about some “S” words related to success.


Start believing in yourself. Start writing down your goals (both personal and professional) and find someone to help hold you accountable to them. Start taking your business seriously and others will too. Start thinking how your small actions today will compound over time. Start thinking long term. Start spending time with people who believe in you. Start being proud of not only the little, but also the big accomplishments. Start taking responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your life.

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LUCK and how to create it!

Create Your Own Luck

I have very few pet peeves, but one of them is hearing people say someone else’s success was a result of luck. In most cases (please note I said in “most” cases), it is a cop out. It is a way for the person to down play the others persons success. To make themselves feel better about their lack of success and their lack of action to build the life they want.

Sure, being at the right place at the right time can be beneficial and, of course, having good connections is always a plus. But, does all that really matter if you have nothing to offer?

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Consistently, Consistent Action

Consistently Consistent Action


Oh consistency, the mother of success…. or is that always the case?

Being consistent is something I tried to drill into my personal training clients and something I try to instill into my team. Small actions done day after day can breed huge results. This is what we call the Slight Edge. If you haven’t read or listened to that book, do yourself a favor and go get it now! Really, get it now. Click on the book below for the best pricing!

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Integrity, You’re So Vain



Why the title “Integrity, You’re So Vain”? It’s because we are naturally self centered people who tend to think about ourselves more than others and it often results in a total loss of integrity. Read on….

Earlier this week, a white mystery car hit my car door and left a scrape that goes down to the metal. This person left no note, I’m guessing made no effort to let me know what had happened, and left me to pay for the damages. Integrity out the window…

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Thoughts: I am (not)



Your words are powerful. They are a reflection of your thoughts and they shape your reality.

What are you daily training your brain to believe? Are you speaking or thinking defeating statements like “I am just not good at this business”,  “I am too busy for ________”, “I am never going to be successful”, “I am not cut out for this”, “I am never going to be able to do that”?

Or are your thoughts and words setting you up for success? “I am building my business with consistent actions everyday”, “I am successful and will become more successful”, “I am a leader”, “I am proud of my accomplishments”, “I am capable of building the life I want”.

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Welcome to the world Zoey Grace

I had planned to start taking maternity leave on Monday March 3rd but after a Dr’s appointment on February 25th, I started my leave on the 26th – certain Zoey would be coming any day. I would have strong contractions at night and random contractions during the day. There was so much pressure when I walked and she was so low. I just knew she was coming, and my Doctor thought so too. My dad came to visit in case she did make her debut. Both Wes and my dad kept telling me they didn’t think she was coming yet, which as you can imagine irritated me. It is my body, I can tell! Well, she proved them right. I am still so surprised my intuition was so off! My dad left on Tuesday and MawMaw and Papa got here later Wednesday night. When they walked in, they told Zoey they were here and she could come now. We all went to bed around 11pm, exhausted.

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Are your insecurities keeping you broke and unhappy?


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This past year, through a series of events, I came to realize how much my insecurities were taking a serious toll on my marriage. My husband has loved me and adored me since before he even told me how he felt. Talking to other people about me, he has always built me up and spoke positively about me (unless he is jokingly talking about how much space I take up on the bed, etc..). While he has been great building me up to other people, he has not always been the greatest at actually telling me, the one who really wanted to hear it. Men and women are very different. To him, the fact he married me, had a child with me, and has built a life with me should be enough assurance that he loves me and does not want or need anyone else in his life. He’s always told me he loves me, multiple times a day, and he’s never once degraded me, called me names, or said hurtful things to me (even when it would have been very easy to do). Have I painted a clear enough picture? He has not given me any reason to question his love for me but I struggled with constantly feeling like I was not good enough for him.

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23 weeks pregnant


Today I am 23 weeks, 3 days pregnant. I am shocked at how quickly this pregnancy is FLYING by. We do not even have anything for Zoey yet (minus a couple of outfits)… and there are only 4 months left. Yikes! I guess working full time, going to school full time, and running a business will make the days go by a little faster.

I am feeling good. I have not been getting enough sleep because I am so excited about our new business, Wealth by Wine, that I cannot fall asleep. I’m running on adrenaline and excitement at this point.  I have also gone from waking up once a night to pee, to two times a night (most nights).  I have to be careful, especially when I am sleeping, because my hips and calves will cramp up so easily. I do not remember having that problem with Wesley! Last night I gave myself a pedicure and I told Wes I swore it was the last time I was doing it myself until she gets here. Talk about some major hip cramps, not to mention feeling as if I am squishing Zoey! In the end-, they turned out nice…. Even with only one coat of polish!

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