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Losing My Competition Virginity

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I have always been the type of person who thrives by leading a busy, productive, goal orientated life. If I don’t have a big goal set for myself I shut down and all motivation is out the door. Last January my goal was to run the Goofy in Disney with the Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy. The Goofy is a ½ marathon (13.1miles) Saturday and a full marathon (26.2 miles) Sunday. That weekend was beyond amazing for me. I ran it with one of my best friends, Kimberley Himes, and I got to meet tons of children with muscular dystrophy. After the Goofy my foot had me out of running for about a month or two. I had no real powerful goals set in place. I thought about another running goal, but come on, there’s not a ton out there that beats the Goofy. I considered a triathlon or even an ultra marathon. When I thought about doing either of those I had no fear or true excitement, so I knew the goal wasn’t powerful enough. This is about the time a figure competition started to manifest itself in my mind.

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