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Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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Two months ago, I decided the thought of trying to change all my bad habits at once was overwhelming and unrealistic. I wanted to do something I would stick to and something that would last long term. My solution was to create one or two new healthy lifestyle changes per month, and of course, blog about it. You can read about my first month of not hitting the snooze button and sanitizing my toothbrush everyday, here: Healthy Habits: September- Snooze Button.

A little update on Septembers healthy lifestyle changes… I was successful in keeping both lifestyle changes going for the entire month of October. I did hit my snooze button once in a state of pure exhaustion. When I realized I did it, I jumped out of bed thinking there was NO way I was going to let that habit start creeping back in. I also forgot to sanitize my toothbrush once. Again, I’m certain that was a result of pure exhaustion and being up so early my brain wasn’t functioning. Yay for two months of new healthy lifestyle changes!

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Meal Prep for a busy momma!

This weekend we were supposed to go to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest with a group of our friends. One of the tough parts of parenthood is losing the ability to do what you want, when you want…like showering, sleeping, peeing…or having adult only time. (Note- don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% worth it…but also, 100% a reality!) We were unable to find a babysitter, and we had to opt out. Despite the disappointment, we had a very productive weekend!

Saturday I clipped both our kids nails (always a challenge), we cleaned the whole house, did laundry, washed all the sheets, organized Wesley’s room, replaced the Scentsy burners in our house (excited yet?) and organized the kitchen. Our spice/seasoning/baking area has always been annoying. Every time I try to find a spice I had to dig through  four different areas and what felt like hundreds of containers. Would you believe that I found SIX containers of chili powder? Crazy, right? For most spices/herbs I had two to three containers I was able to combine. In the past, I could never find anything, so I just bought new jars of spices. What a waste of money- and space! Now, everything is easy to find and organized, which means less spending on things we don’t need, less irritation when cooking, and easier meal prep. I am a happy woman!

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Habits: September- Snooze Button

I have been looking for change. I want to be better. I want to achieve more. I want to utilize my potential. I want to be less selfish. I want to be a better mom. I want to advance my career. I want to use my education. I want to be a better wife. I want to prosper where I’m planted. I want to experience more.

This list could literally go on and on and on….


At first I thought I would make a monthly “list” of habits I needed to change and work on them. As you might be able to tell from my “wants” above, these list were large and overwhelming…and probably not realistic for my life.

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Debt War: 20 Healthy Costco Meals

For the past year, Wes and I have been in a War on Debt program. Since Zoey was born, I’ve been in a war to get my cholesterol lower (it’s mostly genetic but I want to do everything I can to stay as healthy as possible)! We have done really well (at both), considering our circumstances. We want to share what’s worked for us so others can have similar success! Check out some of our post regarding the War on Debt program- the debt we started with, the debt we have now, and cost cutting solutions we have found in the process.

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Consistently, Consistent Action

Consistently Consistent Action


Oh consistency, the mother of success…. or is that always the case?

Being consistent is something I tried to drill into my personal training clients and something I try to instill into my team. Small actions done day after day can breed huge results. This is what we call the Slight Edge. If you haven’t read or listened to that book, do yourself a favor and go get it now! Really, get it now. Click on the book below for the best pricing!

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