A letter to my 2015 self….

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Right now you should be doing homework, or sleeping…. But, instead you decided to put some goals down on virtual paper. Of course, you want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better… all the standards. That stuff is important to you. But, you know you’ve got some deeper issues to address. In 2015 you turn 30. You wanted to have another baby, become a millionaire, and have your Doctoral degree by the time you turned 30. It really was the end all, be all age where you felt like you had to accomplish everything… and you still totally stress about turning 30 even though it’s 6 months away. You had your baby, you aren’t even close to being a millionaire, and you have diligently been working towards your Doctoral degree. However, now you (and Wes….WOW, I know) want two more babies, you aren’t so much concerned with millionaire status, and you have some things you really need to work on. So, in 2015 lets focus on the following:

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Two months ago, I decided the thought of trying to change all my bad habits at once was overwhelming and unrealistic. I wanted to do something I would stick to and something that would last long term. My solution was to create one or two new healthy lifestyle changes per month, and of course, blog about it. You can read about my first month of not hitting the snooze button and sanitizing my toothbrush everyday, here: Healthy Habits: September- Snooze Button.

A little update on Septembers healthy lifestyle changes… I was successful in keeping both lifestyle changes going for the entire month of October. I did hit my snooze button once in a state of pure exhaustion. When I realized I did it, I jumped out of bed thinking there was NO way I was going to let that habit start creeping back in. I also forgot to sanitize my toothbrush once. Again, I’m certain that was a result of pure exhaustion and being up so early my brain wasn’t functioning. Yay for two months of new healthy lifestyle changes!

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Meal Prep for a busy momma!

This weekend we were supposed to go to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest with a group of our friends. One of the tough parts of parenthood is losing the ability to do what you want, when you want…like showering, sleeping, peeing…or having adult only time. (Note- don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% worth it…but also, 100% a reality!) We were unable to find a babysitter, and we had to opt out. Despite the disappointment, we had a very productive weekend!

Saturday I clipped both our kids nails (always a challenge), we cleaned the whole house, did laundry, washed all the sheets, organized Wesley’s room, replaced the Scentsy burners in our house (excited yet?) and organized the kitchen. Our spice/seasoning/baking area has always been annoying. Every time I try to find a spice I had to dig through  four different areas and what felt like hundreds of containers. Would you believe that I found SIX containers of chili powder? Crazy, right? For most spices/herbs I had two to three containers I was able to combine. In the past, I could never find anything, so I just bought new jars of spices. What a waste of money- and space! Now, everything is easy to find and organized, which means less spending on things we don’t need, less irritation when cooking, and easier meal prep. I am a happy woman!

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Kids chore chart motivation!

I can vividly remember an experience when my son Wesley, who is now almost 6, was 2 years old. My husbands mom, Sherri,  lived with us while she was in a transitioning stage in her life. I know, you women out there are probably cringing at the thought of your mother in law living with you. I’d be lying if I didn’t say we had our ups and downs… I mean seriously, it’s hard enough to learn to live and function in peace with your significant other who was raised completely different than you, but then throw their mom in the mix, and it’s a whole new ball game.  BUT, despite the challenges (for all of us),  I am so thankful for the time we got to spend with her and the lessons I learned from her. I had planned on someday creating a “kids chore chart” and teaching Wesley responsibility …but not at two years old.  Sherri has a compulsion for organizing, cleaning, and moving furniture – and doing it often! Our house was absolutely immaculate in the time Sherri was with us. Wes had all the southern, deep fried, crisco filled cooking he could ever want as well.

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Confidence Quotes




“The way to get rid of darkness is with light; the way to overcome cold is with heat; the way to overcome the negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.”
Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


“If your senses are numbed with delusion and denial, you will stop looking for these true strengths and wind up living a second-rate version of someone’s life rather than a worldclass version of your own”
Donald O. Clifton, Now, Discover Your Strengths

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Habits: September- Snooze Button

I have been looking for change. I want to be better. I want to achieve more. I want to utilize my potential. I want to be less selfish. I want to be a better mom. I want to advance my career. I want to use my education. I want to be a better wife. I want to prosper where I’m planted. I want to experience more.

This list could literally go on and on and on….


At first I thought I would make a monthly “list” of habits I needed to change and work on them. As you might be able to tell from my “wants” above, these list were large and overwhelming…and probably not realistic for my life.

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Debt War: 20 Healthy Costco Meals

For the past year, Wes and I have been in a War on Debt program. Since Zoey was born, I’ve been in a war to get my cholesterol lower (it’s mostly genetic but I want to do everything I can to stay as healthy as possible)! We have done really well (at both), considering our circumstances. We want to share what’s worked for us so others can have similar success! Check out some of our post regarding the War on Debt program- the debt we started with, the debt we have now, and cost cutting solutions we have found in the process.

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Zoey Grace Summerall at 6.5 months

Zoey Grace  Summerall

Miss Zoey Grace, 6.5 months old… she’s determined, has a contagious smile, and she’s the worst sleeper ever!

It was amazing to watch Zoey go from barely being able to push herself up, to watching her practically do push ups. Isn’t it crazy how quickly babies develop?

Zoey likes to randomly stick her left leg out like she is striking a pose…

Those eyes, they are just beautiful!

At her 6.5 month check up (yes, we were late) she was 17 pounds 7 oz (66.78 percentile) and 26.25 inches tall (54.45 percentile).

It is incredible how Zoey and her brother Wesley come from the same parents but are SO different


Wesley was an amazing sleeper. He slept through the night, in his crib, by 2 months old. Zoey still wakes up 3 times a night and has never slept in her crib at night… in fact she just started taking naps in her crib…. and even that is a challenge.

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Girls on the Run- The Yellow Balloon that Broke my Heart

There is a program called Girls on the Run. I wish I would have known about this organization sooner, but I suppose it came to me in perfect timing.

I am a new coach in the program. We have practice twice a week and do different activities each time to teach the girls about choices, emotions, confidence, community service, friendship, kindness, strength, etc.

This picture was at the end of our practice today. At the end of each meet, the girls get to nominate two people for an energy award, and the coaches pick a “pop up girl” that represented what being a Girl on the Run is all about throughout the practice. Coach MJ and I added that the three chosen also get a picture with one, or both of us at the end of practice. Anyone who knows me or follows me on Facebook knows whose idea that was!

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Razors – AMAZING razors, for cheap!


Why did I not find these razors sooner???


If you’ve followed this blog, you know Wes and I have been doing a War on Debt program (with great success…check out our 1 year recap). I vowed to share my budget saving findings with all of you and I am thrilled about this one.

I hate couponing – but I am working on getting better at it. I also hate buying razors. In my quest to reduce cost, and avoid couponing, I started buying the cheapo bags of razors that cut up your legs and miss half the hairs. As a result, I hated shaving, my legs were cut up, and small patches of hair become uncomfortably noticeable in the sunlight…when it was too late to fix it (dang shower lighting). So, what do I do to save a buck…. go French style, of course. Okay, not really but I’d let it go as much as possible to avoid the horror of using that plastic monster. After all, it is a WAR… stray patches of hair, cuts, and all….

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Cheers to you!